We love it here, you will too!

It's not just a Folly Beach rental, it's our home!

Our Story

How The RatherShacks came to be

We are proud that The RatherShacks is not just a great Folly Beach Vacation Rental, it’s also our home. We are Sam and Katt and we live in our very own Shack. We met in the cold Granite State of New Hampshire, fell in love, sold our houses, threw away the snow shovels and bought us a perfect shack in paradise. At first we lived in the SurfShack right here in the middle of all the action. We hung a sign on our door that said PARTYville, but more often we turned it over and it read NAPville. Sometimes one would lead to the other… you know the drill. That sign still welcomes our guests to the SurfShack. We fixed up all the Shacks – SurfShack, ChillShack, BeachShack, TinyShack, RoofShack and decided to share them…. and so here we are, thankful that great people like you are finding us.

The RatherShacks spans the 2 blocks from 318 E Ashely Ave to 317 E Cooper Ave encircled by privacy fencing making it a unique community. The other Shacks in our RatherVille community are RoofShack and SandShack, IttyShack, BittyShack and SurfShack.  Our 3 Bedroom, ShadyShack and BreezyShack and our Whole house properties SunsetShack and TabbyShack are more private and outside of RatherVille. SunsetShack is our pet friendly Shack! Come stay with family or friends where you each have your own living space and can come together to share the community and add another chapter to our story.

Thank you for helping us live our dream! We live on site so feel free to stop in for a cold one or get advice on where to go hide out, or where to step out and kick up your dancing shoes. Chances are good that if there’s something fun happening on the island, we’ll be headed that way too. We are right here if you need us and if you prefer to be alone, we’ll give you all the privacy you want. After all, we want The RatherShacks to become your home away from home.

Most of our guests come back year after year and we are sure you’ll understand why once you come! Because at the end of the day you’d RATHER be here than anywhere else in the world! – Sam & Katt

Meet Sam & Katt

Where work is not a 4-letter word.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius

Sam was a licensed Architect before he got into sales, and today is a Charleston area real estate agent when he isn’t here at The RatherShacks keeping things up and running. He designed IttyShack and BittyShack and literally busted his butt from sun up until sun down for months getting them ready. He doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty, is ready to resolve any issues you might have during your stay and is good at kicking back when he finds the time. You’ll occasionally find him on site looking for me, his “Baby”.

Katherine (Katt) manages the properties. You are in good hands because she was a regional manager for the largest apartment developer in the South, and at one time managed over 8,000 apartments. Street Cred is her middle name when it comes to this stuff.  She is the interior decorator and responsible for the homey beachy decor. She isn’t afraid to lift heavy objects or get down in the dirt to help out. When she isn’t booking reservations, helping people find The RatherShacks, or making sure our guests are comfortable with everything they need for their stay, she is kicking back too. You’ll occasionally find her on site looking for me, her “Honey”.

Be sure to say Hey! when you see us around. We like getting to know our guests and they become like family. You never know what interesting stories about The Rathershacks or Folly Beach we’ll share. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of a lifetime, to make our passion our work.  See you soon! – Sam & Katt

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